Dr. Tanusree Jain

Founder and Principal Consultant

Assistant Professor of Ethical Business and Sustainable Entrepreneurship at Trinity Business School, Trinity College Dublin and the founder of CSRintel

Overview of CSRintel

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CSRintel is an independent research driven resource focused on identifying business opportunities and providing business solutions to challenges arising out of corporate social responsibility and sustainability regulations and actions around the world.

We employ sophisticated methodologies to conduct research related to CSR and sustainability practices across multiple industry verticals.

Our research driven analysis forms the core of of our tailored context-specific strategic designs for organisations.

Whether your organisation seeks to increase the impact of its existing CSR and sustainability strategies or whether it aspires to create one from scratch, we are here to help you.  

Our recipes


Balancing the Force

Board Members play a critical role in the governance of business organizations – be it a start-up, a mid-sized company or a large international corporate giant spanning countries. As a company evolves, so should the composition of its board.

We at CSRintel have developed an evolving
Framework that guides organizations in selecting the most appropriate talent for their boards.

Habitual Resilience

An organization is more likely to achieve its vision if there is a value match between a company and its employees. Yet, operational dilemmas arise on a
daily basis and can threaten that value alignment and distort the smooth functioning of an organization.

Through years of research, we have created a processual framework through which employees at all levels (lower, mid and top level) can build resilience as a habit and tread confidently through dilemmas.

Walk the talk

Effective communication is just one aspect in building and maintaining a
company’s image. Public statements have to be aligned with tactical actions.
In turn, tactical actions have to be aligned with strategic goals of an
organization. Lack of cohesiveness between either of these elements can be
disruptive to corporate reputation. How to create an authentic public image? 
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